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Welcome to the official website of Yes Helpinghands. We are a team of differently-able professionals working together with creativity and efficiency. We are renowned for hand-loomed pashminas and cashmire products.


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Buy a scarf with a story

Pashmita shawls, sweaters and scarfs are our main attractions.

Punchos, 100% Cashmire Products are available.

We hand-loom each products to its finest detail.

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Hand-made/loomed products

We handcraft our products to its finest detail before delivering. Highest quality cashmire/pashmina products are served. Buy a gift from us to your friends and family and encourage differently abled professionals.

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Earthquake relief programs

We put our dedication and effort towards social development. We act to natural calamities and provide support through our sister non-profit organization Yeshelpinghands.org. This is one of our many activities held in dhading district after #NepalEarthquake2015

Educational Video for Earthquake Victims

We together with one of our sister organizations “Yeshelpinghands.org” collaborated in Earthquake relief activities. This is one of our footages.

 Our Purpose

Helping Hands Handicrafts provides practical training and employment opportunities for people living with disabilities in Nepal. We aim to challenge the discrimination they face in mainstream society and help them enjoy and independent life. Our Innovative enterprise began with helping deaf/blind people but now we extend opportunity to people facing a range of difficulties

Our Work

At Helping Hands, we offer free training in hand-loom weaving and then the chance to earn income by working with us. This increases the self-esteem of disabled people and also improves the way they are treated by their family.

All products sold in our store are made by hand by people who have received training from us.

Where our profit goes?

We direct our profit to further charitable work in Nepal via our organization yeshelpinghands.org. This charity is involved in activities such as donating white canes, hearing aids and wheel-chairs; providing food, medicine and essential goods for aged-care homes; helping the poor and distributing relief to earthquake and landslide victims. Our income is well distributed to social cause.


Independent Differently able people


Our Beginning

We grew from an idea inspired by a sad story into a vehicle for progress in social welfare. Four years ago a 13-year old deaf beggar boy was found dead in Pokhara. Dinesh Thapa, who had ocasionally given the boy food and money, was devastated to hear of his death. At the time, Dinesh was also grieving the recent tragic death of his wife. He vowed to use his life to make a difference in society, beginning with taking action to address the general neglect of people with disabilities in Nepal.

Our Story..contd

Armed with little more than a caring spirit hungry for change, he began with providing training to two hearing-im-paired people in Pokhara. In Septedmber 2011 he started Helping Hands Handicrats and soon after that he established Helping Hands Spa, where disabled people are trained to massage.

The amazing support we have received has enabled us to grow from 2 trainees to more than 50 disabled employees.

Humble invitation to join the mission.

All respected well-wishers are humbly requested to join your helping hands with us to get involved in this exclusive social campaign being a social campaigner in terms of letting people inform about this humanitarian activities across the world to ensure empowerment economically as well as socially to those people with disabilities and helpless women.

Sports Accessories Distribution

We helped children from various marginalized communities by providing them with high quality sports accessories. Just a smile on their face means a lot to us.

Blood donation Program

We held blood donation program for differently able people. Our main concern is to help our members get used to mainstream culture, social norms and equal values. It helped them boost their spirit and made them feel like they are no different; it’s just an obstacle we have to pass like everybody else.

Hearing Aid, Magnetic Stick, Wheel Chair Distribution

What we believe is accepting those products which are prepared by those people with disabilities form our potential customer means bringing lost- justice, dignity, glory as well as prestige back to those people and helpless women who were neglected, avoided, stigmatized and ostracized from societies as well as their families.

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